EP 008:
Working in a Virtual World
Bryan Miles
Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Not that many years ago, office work was defined by four walls and physical proximity to the boss and our fellow employees. Today the walls have been broken down and the 8-to-5 time clock has been banished in favor of virtual workers connected across time zones by a growing array of tech tools.

Today’s podcast interview is with Bryan Miles, a pioneer in the virtual space who introduced a wide range of businesses to the concept of the “virtual assistant” when he founded eaHelp. Today they are the leading executive assistant provider, serving at every level from the solo-preneur to Fortune 500 companies.

Episode Highlights:


  • The benefits and limitations of virtual staffing
  • How executives grow and improve by going virtual
  • How to channel fear in moving from ideas into action
  • The role of trusted advisors in making major life decisions
  • The importance of having a “Plan C” when preparing for your launch
  • How “beta testers” can help you test your next idea
  • What your children can learn by watching you steward your big ideas
  • An early look at the newest virtual frontiers – content writing and web development


Resources in this Episode:


Guest Contact Info:

Bryan Miles is the founder and President of Miles Advisory Group and its subsidiaries.

This episode was recorded on March 21, 2016.

Follow Bryan on Instagram and Twitter using @bryanmiles and learn more about the family of businesses he leads at www.Miles.AG.

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