EP 003:
Finding Your Next Great Hire
Monty Kelso
Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Finding team members with the character, competencies and chemistry to match your vision can be time-consuming – and risky. One wrong call and you pay for it for years. If you’ve ever slogged through stacks of applications to fill a staff position, you’ll appreciate the insights presented by Monty Kelso, President of Slingshot Group. In this episode, Monty unpacks a revolutionary new model that is transforming staff search for hundreds of ministries each year – with remarkable results.

Episode Highlights:

  • Acceptance of a search and staffing model in the local church and discussion of the staffing process/timeline.
  • Most frequent pitfalls that a church might encounter if they conduct staff searches on their own.
  • Who you want on the “other side of the table” when making church staffing decisions.
  • Generational differences in tenure and the best ways to minimize church staff turnover.
  • Resources in this Episode:

  • Slingshot Group
  • Guest Contact Info:

    Monty is the President of Slingshot Group. This episode was recorded on January 11, 2016. Visit www.slingshotgroup.org for more information on staffing, coaching and candidates.

    You may contact Monty via email at mkelso@slingshotgroup.org or on social media platforms @montykelso.

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