EP 002:
Surviving a Building Project
Chris Davenport
Tuesday, January 26, 2016

In this episode, Chris Davenport from Church Development Fund shares from decades of experience in construction management the right and wrong ways to tackle a building project – especially when volunteers are involved.

Episode Highlights:

  • Who should (and should not) be making construction decisions within church staff.
  • The steps every Senior Minister needs to take in order to adequately prepare for a building project.
  • The jobs volunteers can do that will actually save you money and best practices on navigating all of the talents and skillsets available in your church congregation.
  • How to gain that new building without losing your job.
  • The biggest budget busters in church construction and how to avoid them.
  • Resources in this Episode:

  • Autocad – Design Every Detail
  • Church Development Fund
  • Guest Contact Info:

    Chris is the Construction Cost Management Director for Church Development Fund. This episode was recorded on December 9, 2015.

    You may contact Chris via email at cdavenport@cdfonline.org.

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