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Kairos Legacy Partners

Kairos Legacy Partners is a network of Christian leaders – Reaching out to “at-risk” Churches; Providing Resource Solutions; and Empowering Benevolence. Its ministry is carried out through three initiatives:

  • Kairos Legacy Churches – provides ministry analysis, guiding churches toward revitalization, restart, or Legacy options.
  • Kairos Church Trusts – promotes church trusts as a means of safeguarding properties against internal-coups or external-takeovers; and provides the mechanism for the current church leadership to memorialize its desires regarding the distribution of church assets to specific ministry beneficiaries.
  • Kairos Benevolence Fund – raises donations for use in meeting specific financial hardship situations faced by ministry colleagues (aging ministers and missionaries). Donors can designate their gifts for current use in making benevolent distributions, or to be added to the KBF LLC (endowment fund) which will make benevolent gifts out of interest earnings for years to come.

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