Special Announcement

In 2003, the Board of Church Development Fund, now CDF Capital, voted to form a non-profit parent ministry to provide alignment, governance oversight and shared services for a growing family of ministries to be known as Provision Ministry Group. By 2018, that dream has resulted in six unique ministries dedicated to accelerating the impact of the local church “from launch to legacy.”

Times have changed and those ministries have since matured to self-sufficiency. Their ministry footprint is significant and they are no longer dependent upon a ministry parent for the support functions which brought Provision into existence.

For those reasons, the Provision Ministry Group Board has affirmed the recommendation of CEO Larry Winger to begin the process of winding down the corporation. This is only possible because of the high level of confidence they have in the leaders of the ministries that trace their roots to CDF Capital and Provision.

“Those of us who serve on the Provision Board are grateful to the Lord for all that He has done to advance His Kingdom through the ministry service of Larry Winger and that of literally hundreds of gifted individuals who served in the Provision family these past fifteen years,” states Gary Johnson, Board Chair.

In the near term, Larry will transition from the role of founding CEO to Provision Board member on March 1, 2018. He and the other Board members will continue to volunteer their service until the business of the corporation is complete.

For more information about the ongoing ministries that have been the heart and soul of Provision, please visit these websites:


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CDF Capital was founded in 1953 with a single mission to help churches grow. Today, we recognize that church growth and sustainability require much more than money. We see the need for leadership development and spiritual resources, and are uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive services–what we call Transformational Capital, which is the ideal resourcing of Financial, Leadership, and Spiritual Capital–to address each of these needs.


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